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100% Pure Makeup

Makeup is a big source of exposure to EDCs, and I never really worried much about it until I had a little person sneaking into my makeup drawer and using her entire body as a canvas for makeup art. I didn’t want Harper being exposed to chemicals that could potentially impact her development, but I also did not want to stop her from expressing her artistic side. So, I started researching and exploring some of the best brands of natural makeup.

In a long running study on mothers and children published in Human Reproduction, determined that "the onset of female puberty is associated with exposure to chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and the antibacterial agent triclosan." We know that girls today are going through puberty a lot earlier than decades ago, obesity plays a big role in this, but we are now learning that hormone disrupting chemicals that are in our homes and our environment could also be playing a role. Research has found that adolescents who used makeup products daily, "had significantly higher urinary concentrations of phthalates and parabens than those who did not, and an even more unsettling find was that the daily makeup users had an earlier occurrence or hormonal development and puberty onset."

After trying out a bunch of brands, I really fell in love with the products by 100%Pure. Their products are all natural, organic, non-toxic, naturally pigmented (fruit, vegetable, tea and cocoa), and cruelty-free. Their products smell amazing, think of a fresh bowl of fruit, and the colors are beautiful! The products have a very elegant texture and feel, and the wear lasts. This is one product brand that I don’t mind Harper putting on to express her artistic side.

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